The Story

 Everyone loves a great comeback story.



In a style reminiscent of Billy Wilder.

Linda Kent, a fading queen of the silver screen, was married to co-star, Max Conrad, for 15 years. Together they made six successful romantic-comedy films. After reports of possible infidelity, Linda divorced Max and, to the disappointment of their fans, they never worked together again, causing her star to fade.

Three years after their divorce, Max disappeared during a photography expedition in some unknown location, never to be seen nor heard from again. Seven years after that he was declared legally dead, with a funeral held in classic grand Hollywood style.


What happens when a divorced presumed-dead actor suddenly appears at a tribute to his ex-wife/Co-star?

Our story opens three months after Max’s funeral. Linda arrives in Vienna, home of her ancestors for generations, to attend a tribute to her long career during a Vienna film festival. She hopes the event will reignite her career.

To Linda’s surprise and dismay, Max appears … at first in disguise, but intent on reuniting with Linda both on screen and off.

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