Comeback in Vienna    Screenplay Laurel Detail (40):

Goldstar Movie Awards, Nov 2020: Best Romantic Script (US/New Jersey)

Prague Int’l Monthly Film Festival, Jan 2021: Best Comedy (Czech Republic/Prague)

Bucharest Film Awards, Jan 2021: Semi-Finalist (Romania)

Waikiki Beach Int’l Film Fest, Sept 2021: Best Romantic Screenplay (US/Hawaii)

Portland Comedy Film Fest, April 2021: Best Comedy (US/Oregon)

Gil Int’l Screenwriting Contest, Sept 2021: Best Comedy (Spain)

Sunvale Screenplay Contest, Oct 2021: Quarter Finalist

Stage to Screen Script Contest, Nov 2021: Honorable Mention (US/New York)

Austria Int’l Film Fest, Nov 2021: Official Selection, 1 of 8 (Austria)

Chicago Script Awards, Nov 2021: Best Foreign Screenplay (US/Chicago)

Brno Film Fest, Dec 2021: Official Selection (Czech Rep/Brno)

Shiny Sparkle Independent Online Festival, Dec 2021: Official Selection (UK)

London Indie Short, Jan 2022: Semi-Finalist (UK)

Hamburg Film Awards, Jan 2022: Official Selection (Germany)

Reno Comedy Film Fest, Feb 2022: Official Selection (US/Nevada)

Austin International Art Fest, Feb 2022: Semi-Finalist (US/Texas)

Texas Short Film Fest, Feb 2022: Best Romantic Comedy (US/Texas)

New York Script Awards, Feb 2022: Official Selection (US/New York)

Snow Leopard Int’l Film fest, Paril 2022: Selection, Top 12 (Spain)

Seattle Movie Awards, April 2022: Best Short Screenplay (US/Washington)

Brilliant Indie Film Awards, May 2022: Best Feature Screenplay (Austria)

GLIFF Golden Lemur  June 2022: Honorable Mention (Lisbon, Portugal)

Lit Laughs Int’l Comedy Film Festival August 2022: Finalist/Top-10 (UK)

Int’l Cosmopolitan Film Festival August 2022: Semi-Finalist (Tokyo)

Rio de Janeiro Film Festival July 2022:  Semi-Finalist (Brazil)

Stockholm Film Awards August 2022: Official Selection (Sweden)

Emerald Peacock August 2022: Official Selection (Germany)

Arrow Int’l Film Fest Sept 2022: Official Selection (One of 14) (France)

Barcelona Indie Awards Oct 2022: Official Selection (Spain)

Zagreb Int’l Film Fest Nov 2022: Official Selection – (Croatia)

Oxford Script Awards Feb 2023: Official Selection  (One of 3 )(Oxford, UK)

Liber Films Int’l Fest 2023: Official Selection  (Greece)

BestLov Festival 2023: Official Selection [1 of 11] (France/Italy)

Star Int’l Film Fest (SIFF) 2023: Official Selection (Italy)

Int’l Film & Script Fest Lotus  2023: Official Selection (Athens)

Golden Laurel Int’l Film Fest  2023: Best Romantic Screenplay (Greece)

French Int’l Modern Film & Script Festival 2023: Official Selection (Paris)

Page Turner Screenplays  2023: Semi-Finalist Comedy Feature Competition (US)

Berlin Int’l Screenwriting Festival 2023: Official Selection (Germany)

Reel Harmony Film & Script Festival 2023: Official Selection (London)

Black Pearl International Festival 2024: Best Comedy Screenplay (Vienna)

Vienna Film Stories 2024: Pending (Vienna)

TSL Screenplay Contest 2024: Pending (USA)

Swiss Screenwriting  & cinamatic Summit 2024: Honorary Mention – Best Romantic Screenplay (Switzerland)

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