Elisabeth Kaplan    Florian Hirschman
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Original Scoring / Composing

Elisabeth Kaplan & Florian Hirschmann are a Vienna-based composer and music producer duo.  Elisabeth Kaplan was born in South Africa, while Florian Hirschmann comes from Styria.  The collaboration between the two started with various pop music projects in the 1990s, in 2003 they began composing and producing jingles for TV and radio commercials, which ultimately led them to film music.  In 2017 they were responsible for the music for the 2018 Oscar nominated short film Watu Wote – All of Us, which won more than 40 awards worldwide.  Since then they have composed  film scores for feature films, mostly for German film productions, including Ein Bett Für Papa, The Other Side of Wrong – The Battle of Holmec, Ein Wahnsinnstag, Herbei, herbei, Monster, Das Leben ist kein Kindergarten, and Schwimmstunde.

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