Cast of Characters

LINDA KENT [Lead; Early 70s]  Linda is a glamorous, yet down-to-earth Hollywood movie star whose career has faded.  Her family history goes back hundreds of years in Austria, a city she loves to visit.  Her gracious and friendly manner have endeared her to her support team, friends and fans … yet she knows how to be tough when the moment demands.  Our story begins more than 10 years after she and Max broke up.  Oddly enough, she never found love again – perhaps because she neverstopped living max.

MAX CONRAD [Lead; Early 70s]  Max Conrad was once Hollywood’s top romantic-comedy leading man, who held an undeniable charm that jumped off the screen.  While a genuinly sincere man, an underlying insecurity gives the appearance of him being full of himself. He has learned a hard lesson after surviving years in some rmeote location.  He’s relentless with his efforts to win Linda back both as his partner on screen and off, using his self-percieved talent by wearing comical disguises, seeking her love and artistic respect.

BERNICE RYE [Supporting; Early 70s]  A lifelong friend of Linda and her extremely capable agent.  They began as budding actresses, but Bernice’s talent was as good as her business sense.  While a romantic at heart, Bernice found her calling as a respected agent, who – friendly – can be a tough negotiator.

SHANNON AUGUSTINE [Supporting; Early 30s]  Linda’s efficient, capable and bright administrative assitant, and close companion.  Their 10-years together are almost a mother-daughter relationship.  Shannon has total faith in Linda, and Linda in Shannon, who has learned the film business well .

DAVID LEVINSON [Supporting; Late’s 30s]  A well-dressed producer who puts on airs of power and success, while secretly hiding his questionable track record.  He can be charming and persuasive to those he needs to impress, while be demanding and difficult and almost nasty to those who work for him. 

SIEGFRIED MOSER [Supporting; 60s]  An-old world-style hotel manager. Friendly, yet formal, how knows his hotel and his guests very well. Not easily surprised or upset.  He works hard to please his guests, particularly Linda, who he’s known for many years.

ANTONIO BRUGADSIGNORI [Supporting; 60s]  A tough yet elegant and continental Itlaian man who is able to provide “favors” through his “influence” with his “friends.”  A huge fan of Linda who would do anything he can to help her. Anything.

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